politically correct

who is the tribe.

we share a common language, a common culture, social, economic commonalities. for the most part we are parents with small children who will do what ever it takes. yes, park as close to the school entrance as possible (dare I make my child walk another 10 meters…) we can talk for much too long about birth, nipple remedies, schools, extra murals and my personal favorite *snark* : kids parties (that would be the subject of at least 10 posts..but all in good time)

that’s us.

why blog about ‘the tribe’ when there are hundreds of sites already available to chew up your monthly data allowance? they are better designed, ready to tell you just how inadequate you are, and how you can redeem yourself with said advertised product. my feeling is that the tribe needs a wake up call. we need to be honust, less politically correct, and do what any self respecting tribe does:

rally together, develop and protect itself…

I was inspired a while back by the Discovery Channel show ‘Worlds Toughest Tribes’ where Ben Anderson tries to integrate himself into bands of people working in some of the most challenging conditions on earth. I say give Ben 3 children under age 7, a minivan and all the challenges we face and see how the shows ratings will skyrocket.

welcome to ‘the tribe’




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