A different kind of shopping list

What a week, what a month. In my last post I was all about finding reasonably priced chickpeas and since then my world has been turned upside down. To start with I began reading Generous Justice by Tim Keller. Journey 1. My dad is now in a Frail Care facility. Journey 2. Long term debt is again knocking down my door. Journey 3…and haven’t planned a meal for at least 2 weeks!

In all of this God has shown himself to be an amazing companion with incredible attention to detail. Lets start with 3 weeks ago. We were wondering how on earth we were going to make it through the month financially. In addition to all our expenses, I wanted the kids to go to swimming lessons again, but that was just another thing on the list of ‘nice to haves’…48hrs later and we can pay for that plus plus plus. My son had to dress up as team Australia in mini-Olympics at school – that morning we received and Australian flag from our cousins in Auzzie (God KNOWS and loves my attention-to-detail child!)

We had no wedding anniversary plans (I dare not even plan that) and we ended up with golden circle concert tickets to see one of my favorite bands (Switchfoot) and sushi dinner with free babysitting- all gifts!

Its so hard, most of the time struggling through, yet I stand amazed and in awe of how God works and wouldn’t change a thing. God’s timing and provision cannot be disputed. So when I face Journey 3, having to pay a substantial amount of money which I owe and do not have, I must pray with a faith He has developed in me and know it will all work out according to His will, for my good, to His glory.





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